The Gift of People

Just the other day, while reviewing the book, ‘The Gift of People’, with its author Mojisola Olurotimi, I found reiterated in it the power of relationships in one’s career and life generally. I was reminded that while it was good to get better at what one does and keep up with the latest tools and skills, it is equally important to be granted the opportunity to showcase these skills. What if there was no one to root for you at the board of directors meeting that you deserve a raise? What if there is nobody to nominate you for an award for all the hard work you put in all year round? Looking back, I do acknowledge the role of relationships in my life. From referrals, job opportunities, contacts of important people and deals; I have indeed benefited from the people around me. Yes, people are a gift to us. Another important thing I have been reminded of is to maintain and nurture the relationships you presently have and be open to making more lasting, mutually rewarding ones while avoiding looking down at people you assume have nothing to offer.

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Oluwatomi Familoni is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at ZOLA Electric

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