Help someone else arrive safely at YOUR PRESENT

Thinking back to the post I shared last week, brings to remembrance a post shared by the renowned Speaker and 2019 Nigerian Presidential Candidate. He mentioned in it that there was a need for everyone to “help someone else arrive safely at YOUR PRESENT”. This is also very similar to Tyler Perry’s speech at the recent BET Awards as he accepted the BET Ultimate Icon award. He shared his experience ‘helping a man cross a busy school intersection’ many years ago who has now become a friend. These people are calling our attention to people around us who need our help in the form of guidance, advice or even mentoring. 

Yes, we are not where we hoped to be yet; we still have a lot to accomplish and a lot of pressure and personal challenges to overcome; but there are people who aspire to be where we are right now. There are people who are just starting their career/educational pursuit and all they need is a nudge in the right direction, someone to share their experience or someone to help them ‘cross to the other side’. 

We can’t continue to live life thinking and caring about ourselves alone. Everyone desires to be successful and to be great but little do we know that: “For our own success to be real, it must contribute to the success of others.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Helping and investing in others is indeed a great investment that is eternally rewarding.

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Oluwatomi Familoni is a Software Quality Assurance Engineer at ZOLA Electric

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